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A supercomputer driven future office

This is an office built around the biggest super computer in Singapore. The computer processes seismic data in the hunt for deep sea treasure in the form of oil or gas. The interior that Larry's team designed for this multinational company was rich with metaphor and symbolism around the concepts of seismic shifts, marine exploration, power, energy and corporate structure. The 4 levels housed several hundred staff, students, visiting consultants and clients. The solution to the complex brief incorporated internal public squares where staff, consultants and clients intermingled and rooms for town hall meetings, streets for hot desking, an internal campus for a mini university, woven walls for corridor, wonderwalls of treasure, services and structure proudly on display. The design was conceived to be democratic and accessible but business like and dynamic without swings or bean bags.

  • Foyer as public square
  • Corridor as street
  • Wonderwalls
  • Work a while
  • Structure layer and treasure
  • Sit a while
  • Boat deck and board room leather
  • Corporate being corporate
  • Its all about imaging
  • Woven and flowing
  • Glow with energy
  • Stop for lunch
  • Energy colour for energy search
  • An inverted underwater world
  • Marine colour for marine research
  • Seismic shift of wall planes