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Business plan then masterplan

Larry says his team is often asked to give some feedback on the 1st building for stage 1. They are reticent to give advice without understanding what the 2nd 3rd or 4th buildings or stages might be as their opinion is very likely to be of no value to the project. There is a very simple 4 step process. 1_Market Research 2_Business Plan 3_Master Plan 4_Sketch Plan. Without steps 1 & 2 the assumptions that support steps 3 and 4 are at best guesses.

Studies show that businesses that plan are many more times likely to proceed than those who don’t.

Designing, just like all business, is about managing risk and building in predictability as we gaze into the future.

Masterplanning is an exploration of the potential of the business plan by some laterally thinking people, don’t waste the opportunity to make your business plan better, start with step 1.

  • Stage 1 Mt Gloriuos Rainforest Lodge
  • All the buildings _Mt Glorious Rainforest Lodge
  • Stage 1 Goodna Technology Park
  • Masterplan Goodna Technology Park
  • 3D cad masterplan, a comprehensive set of numbers to go with research and business plan use.
  • A simple hand sketch masterplan