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Concrete and memory

Larry says his fascination has been less about concrete's form and more about its surface, the interface between your senses and its mass and the very personal memories that creates. He talks often of early memories of the feel of weather beaten concrete under foot around rockwalls near the ocean. They have done many concrete projects over the decades however recently they reconstructed the weather worn concrete with a simple but deliberately rusticated garden step. The feeling it creates makes memories. Concretes ability to weather is still being researched and we have even forgotten much about it.


  • Tidal pools Coolangatta weathered concrete under foot.
  • Garden step
  • Door sills for bare feet
  • Dogs know where is cool or warm.
  • The surface is the interface with our senses.
  • Being a old skater Larry still looks at a concrete surface and thinks of its skating potential!
  • We built a skate bowl in a restaurant.
  • The surface is perfect
  • And its image is iconic
  • Pattern carries meaning
  • Still near the beach and sitting on concrete.
  • Its a footing and a seat
  • Universal legs
  • Mass brings protection
  • Structure becomes sculpture
  • Surface becomes canvas