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Hello I'm Larry

You will see Larry and his team everywhere in the photos, in foreground listening to the staff or background watching the observer or as Larry says "listening with my eyes", always asking, wanting to know more, and listening, looking for the next opportunity. Larry's team are very involved in all they do, from inception to operation making sure the ideas work, that they have been implemented optimally, that the clients needs are met.

But you will also see Larry in the design, you will see humour, icons from his past or “cultural baggage”, contrasting materials natural and recycled with clean sharp modernism, windows grabbing the best views always looking for insight, layers of pattern and meaning, artwork built in or strong slabs of modern art colour.

You can also recognise the plans as efficient, simple, iconic but comprehensive and packed with activity, squeezing in every opportunity, organising ideas, organising activity and lives.

Ask Larry and he will say "At every opportunity, I will be in the ocean, or with my friends and family, in steel caps building another project always testing the limits, checking at the last minute, listening, thinking, planning and acting."

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  • Boat deck boardroom for marine research company

  • Cultural baggage

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  • In the ocean again

  • In the ocean at every opportunity!

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  • Talking to the staff

  • Testing the tasting room, strong with pattern colour and recycled glass and timber

  • Waxed concrete and pet friendly