Fitzroy was the 5th restaurant Larry's team designed for the Beach Burrito team. Unlike the other quick turnaround projects Fitzroy was 3 painful and expensive years in planning, approvals and construction because the dining room design incorporated a skate bowl. In a tiny inner-city heritage factory, the skate bowl in the dining room was a concept that planners, certifiers, residents and engineers couldn’t quite believe and treated somewhere between very cautiously and dismissively. Well it's done. The images and videos are awesome. More people like the Beach Burrito team with vision and optimism are needed to push through mediocrity and red tape to show what is possible.

  • A 1970s foundry converted to restaurant with skate bowl.
  • No hints on the facade as to what lies inside.
  • No hints
  • The zen minimalism of the facade belies the memphis design interior.
  • The tags are a clue.
  • Behind the street windows is den of skate iniquity.
  • The super tight bowl is only open to invited skaters.
  • Us punters watch at close hand from outside the cage.
  • The planning is super tight and we had to use every trick in our repertoire to make it work.
  • A bar is jammed under the stairs.
  • Another tiny bar on the mezzanine that sells beer, spirits, wheels, trucks, decks.
  • Always tackling these jobs with a little material zen and industrial pun.
  • Some zen to calm the customer back down to Fitzroy level.
  • Our client presentation for this once in a lifetime scheme.